Top iPhone apps for £1.58!

Amazingly, the top rated 12 iphone apps are made up of so many freemium apps, that you don't need money to enjoy your phone anymore. 
Draw Something appears top of the list. Remember, this only looked at the ratings, and not the downloads (Which the App Store uses for their lists). 
We are soon getting to a point where IAP (In-App Purchases) are the norm, and people will not expect to pay anything up front. 
One of the biggest disadvantages to the App Store was that they did not offer 'demos'. Some apps did have a 'lite' version, however this was rare. 
Now, however, the demo is the app itself. Only if you enjoy the app, do you have to pay a penny.

You can create your own by clicking the link below or clicking the home button on the iphone to the left!