Retro is back in fashion

When I was growing up, there was no such thing as retro gaming, unless you counted pong! As time goes by, people forget how amazing olden games are and how enjoyable they are to still play. But how can you get involved?

The easiest way is to buy one of the many re-released games out there. iOS and Android are full of classic games that hold up today. Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, even Altered Beast are all there to be played! Some are even improved with 'cloud saves' and cheating functionality baked in. Final Fantasy 7, for instance, now gives you ability to become super-charged and win any battle. It also allows you to disable 'chance encounters' with enemies. I swear they are reading my mind as to how to make that game even better! One huge disadvantage with these games, however, is that it does allow you to save games 'in state' in many of these games. FF7, for example, still insists you use save points. On a phone/tablet, this is not exactly practical.

Another way that some people relive the classics is with emulators. This is a grey-area in the law, most of which are illegal so you will need to check licenses before pursuing this! However, there are fantastic developers out there doing amazing things in this field. If you haven't already, check out HyperSpin for an all-in-one emulator. The emulators allow you to save games whenever you want and to fiddle with as many settings as you want.

Sometimes, developers realise that good publicity can be gained by making their old games open-source. Civilization and a load of other games have been through this process. It is a great opportunity for a community to breath life into games that aren't financially viable any more.

If you have any other ways to relive the classics, let me know.