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Now over 2 MILLON downloads! This FREE app is most downloaded Sign Language app in the world! As seen on TV, this app will help you learn how to FINGERSPELL WORDS, NUMBERS, SIGN BASIC SENTENCES, IDIOMS, DEAF CULTURE and more for FREE!

This app was made entirely by all Deaf teachers and filmmakers – PLEASE SUPPORT our program by upgrading to our popular SIGN LANGUAGE PRO and SIGN LANGUAGE 101 apps! We appreciate your support!

There are so many FREE ASL lessons in this app:

- Full Sign Language Alphabet
- Individual Sign Language Alphabet
- Some individual Numbers
- Conversational Feedback
- Feelings and Emotions
- Friendship and Meeting People
- Long Sentences (challenge yourself)
- Question Sentences
- School and Classroom
- How to sign “excuse me, pardon me, would you please excuse me…”
- How to sign “good luck”
- How to sign “don’t know, do not know”
- How to sign “Happy Birthday”
- How to sign “thank you, thanks”
- How to sign “I don’t think so.”
- How to sign “I am not stupid!”
- How to sign “I’m sorry.”
- How to sign “Nice to meet you.”
- How to sign “See you later.”
- How to sign “I love you”
- How to sign “Do you understand me?”
- How to sign “I got ice cream but I am not hungry, do you want some?”
- How to sign “Wouldn’t you mind if we could back it up, I am trying to understand.”
- How to sign “What did you say?”
- How to sign “Who is your teacher?”
- How to sign “Can you fingerspell again please?”
- How to sign “What happened?”
- How to sign “What is your name?”
- How to sign “I want to learn more ASL!”
- How to sign “Do you know the teacher?”
- How to sign “Let’s practice signing.”
- How to sign “I need to go home.”
- Deaf Culture: What is American Sign Language?
- Deaf Culture: Which hand do I fingerspell or even to say hello? The use of a Dominant Hand
- Deaf Culture: Which Sign is Correct? Understanding Sign Variations
- Deaf Culture: Why are there no voices in most videos?
- ASL Idiom: How to sign “an ASL Pro, proficient in ASL”
- ASL Idiom: How to sign “really cool, nifty”
- Learn thousands more words with an upgrade!
- Learn hundreds more FREE ASL lessons by joining our Facebook
- Learn countless FREE ASL lessons seen on TV show “Switched at Birth”

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